Don’t Blink – Roman Hills is in Holla Knits!

Some time back Allyson of The Sweatshop of Love fame contacted me with a sweater design that she thought would look great in Gissing.  I was *delighted* to be given the opportunity to offer yarn support for the Fall Holla Knits and told Allyson that I would create a colourway specifically for the pattern. She gave me creative license to do something fun so I dug deep.

After some real soul searching I reached out to my dear friend Sally Sparrow.

Isn’t she adorable?

She was inspired by the pattern!  Jilted, by the ridiculously talented Jennifer Dassau, made her hum.  She said that the design was edgy and beautiful, and the name was deliciously sad.

“What’s good about sad?”

“It’s happy, for deep people”

I got to work.  And “Don’t Blink” needed to be dyed.  DEMANDED it.

You can’t kill a stone






Such a clever, flattering pattern.








Working with Holla Knits has been a delight.  Such a clever collection of designers and patterns, paired with some indie dyers who I’m squeeing to be among.  I’m so grateful for the experience and looking forward to seeing these patterns in project pages on Ravelry soon!!

I had every intention of having my very own Jilted knit up myself, but time, as it does, got away from me.

“People assume that time is a straight progression of cause to effect, but actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, its more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey…stuff.”


















Not to worry, though.  Stay tuned and I WILL post pictures of my progress.  Follow me as I knit this up in Gawth.  Sally loves Gawth.

So are you jazzed yet for this pattern? I’m sure you’re dying for me to sweeten the deal, and who am I to disappoint.  Leave a comment to this post and be automatically entered to win a copy of this fabulous pattern.  Leave a comment after subscribing to Holla Knits?  Then you get an *obscene* discount on your sweater quantity yarn of “Don’t Blink” – say, 50%? One winner will be chosen, but how much that winner gets is determined by whether or not they’ve subscribed! (Do it!  You won’t be sorry!) Pick up an extra entry or two – Like Roman Hills on Facebook and get another entry – just comment again below to let me know (if you already like the page then comment again anyway!) Tweet a link to this contest and comment below – another entry! Pin the pattern with a link to my shop?  Comment!  That’s FOUR entries that you can earn! Winner will be chosen on the 31st to give you all plenty of time.  Social networking can get you stuff – how cool.

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“Because life is short and you are hot”

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  1. Oh sweet baby Jebus, that pattern + yarn is ROCKIN’!

  2. You know I already “like” (love!) you on FB!

  3. Your blog yelled at me for posting comments too quickly :) Tweeted!

  4. Also, Pinned and re-FBed!

  5. Blog Tour Stop: Roman Hills | Holla Knits - pingback on 2012/09/20 at 10:29
  6. I’d love to win a copy of this pattern!

  7. I LIKE you on facebook. :-)

  8. I love your yarn and color inspirations! I’m also a subscriber.

  9. I liked you on Facebook too!

  10. Starting to feel a little obsessive, posting this many times. Gee, maybe I really want some Don’t Blink. Anyway, I also pinned the pattern and shop link:

  11. …and “Like” you on Facebook!

  12. What a great pattern! Thanks for the chance to win

  13. That pattern is too freaking cute.

  14. thia hobson

    I’m a subscriber and I love this yarn. This is the perfect blend of beautiful yarn, great color, and nerd joy. Sally Sparrow and the most terrifying creatures ever from my second favorite who episode ever (the first being the doctor dances, just in case you wanted to know:) Can’t wait to get a feel of the yarn and knit this up.

  15. thia hobson

    I liked you on facebook

  16. Love the sweater and the yarn! A winning combination, I’d say.

  17. I love this pattern!

  18. I “liked” you on facebook

  19. I’m a Holla Knits subscriber and I love your yarn!

  20. I ‘liked’ you on Facebook too :)

  21. Craftie Allie

    Loooooove! Tweeted a link: @craftieallie

  22. Love this sweater! The yarn color is so wonderful.

  23. Pinned on Pinterest!

  24. Tweeted a link as well. Yay for extra chances!

  25. Such amazing patterns. I would love to know how to knit these.

  26. The pattern is lovely and the yarn is exciting. I’m a subscriber and I’m glad I am one!

  27. I just watched that episode! Love it.

  28. So cool, sweater and yarn- just love it!

  29. Already followed you on FB & subscribed to Holla Knits!

    • Excellent! Thanks so much – If you could just post again and mention that you followed me on FB there (I know, redundant, right?) then I can count that entry in the random number generator! Cheers!

  30. Love the yarn color and name, glad I’m a Holla Knits subscriber. Great to meet you at Maker Faire.

  31. I liked you on Facebook

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